Lake Couchiching day 2

After spending most of the day in Orillia running around picking up groceries and a few other supplies I headed up to the north end of the lake where the canal starts to go down to Sparrow Lake. Missed the hours for the opening railroad bridge and so backtracked to the lake and anchored for the night just off the channel. Nice evening, no clouds. Should be good sky watching later

Starting to get big rocks showing up.


Lake Couchiching

I’m anchored off of Chief’s Island for the night. Stopped at Orillia for lunch earlier, then headed out here. Anchored in about three feet of water over a sandy bottom and walked around the boat cleaning the waterline and topsides. It’s a beautiful evening.

Here’s the passage from Lake Simcoe north into Lake Couchiching

Will run into Orillia again tomorrow morning to stock up on groceries, then probably head for the canal at the north end of the lake. The trip from here to Georgian Bay is pretty and interesting. Not in any rush as I’m solo until the weekend.

Edit:. Have been sitting out all evening. Dark now. And no bugs. Best evening yet.

Underway again

After stopped by at the bottom of the canal entering Lake Simcoe Thursday evening I did some minor repairs. The alternator belt had been slipping and on close inspection it turned out that one of the bolts holding the tensioner had sheared off. Went to Guelph Friday evening for a visit with family, then back Saturday night to the boat. On Sunday I put things back together but wanted to get a new belt, so rode my bike down to Beaverton this morning and picked one up. Now fully operational. Nice day out on Lake Simcoe, next stop Orillia.

Lake Simcoe

Had a nice couple of days with Samantha and Sarah travelling from Peterborough through the Kawartha Lakes and got to the entrance to Lake Simcoe last night where they disembarked. Had plans to welcome Susan Sunday but they are now in doubt as her cat is sick :-(. After some heavy rain last night the weather looks great for the next few days.

Now trying to make plans… Have a car here. The trip from here to Port Severn is one of my favourite segments.

More pics here

Peterborough Lift Lock

Google it. Highest in the world.

I’m fascinated by these devices. This lock was completed around 1900. Think about it. There was no electricity, no cars. Steam ruled. The lock operates today much like it did 100 years ago. Entirely self powered. These were the moonshot engineering projects of the day.

Tomorrow I’ll go up in the lift lock. Came down two years ago. It’s really cool to be doing this. I remember the first time I saw it. About ten years ago I was in Algonquin Park skiing in February for a few days with friends. I talked them into a detour through Peterborough to visit the lift lock. We trudged around in the snow while I blathered on about it. Thanks guys! I knew then I’d be doing this trip. Touching the frozen tower was part of the journey.

Rice Lake

Anchored for the night on Rice Lake by the entrance to the Otonabee River. Relaxed operation today, stopped for an hour or two in Hastings. Tomorrow I go up to Peterborough to meet Sam and Sarah. It was hot and mostly sunny today, and I was mostly inside the last couple of hours seeking shade. Even with the bimini it’s hard not to get cooked.

This is approaching Healey Falls.

And stopped at Hastings